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Dallas SmartLipo MPX ™ Laser Body Sculpting:
Laser Dissolves Fat AND Tightens Skin


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SmartLipo MPX Laser Body Sculpting
(Laser-assisted Liposuction)

A Safer, Minimally invasive Option for Permanent Fat Reduction

Beauty and the Bulge: Would you like to be able to wear a bikini or swim shorts to the lake this summer, but dread the thought of going outside in any kind of swimwear? Dieting and exercise should help, right? You could spend your evenings for the next couple of months in the gym doing workouts with a personal trainer, take up weightlifting and go low carb, but chances are you still might not be able to budge that last little bit of pooch, the saddle bags, thunder thighs, or that wiggly-jiggly arm underhang.

Liposuction and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: One without the Other? Until recently, lipo-suctioning has been the medical gold-standard for dealing with the issue. Liposuction is generally considered to be a surgical procedure, because when an area of fat beneath the skin is removed, the skin that previously covered it now tends to become lax and traditionally, with the excess having to be 'taken up' through surgical removal. General anesthesia is usually required with traditional liposuction, and the areas where the 4 to 6 millimeter metal vaccuum tube enters the body sometimes require stitching, which can result in scarring. The manual vacuuming of solid fat deposits in regions of high vascularity can cause bleeding, swelling and tissue destruction, as well. A week or more of recovery time is generally required, to allow the body time to recover from the trauma of a traditional liposuction procedure.

The Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting System is the first FDA-approved laser liposuction device of its type, designed to both destroy unwanted fat cells AND tighten skin.

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How it Works: Performed under local anesthesia, SmartLipo MPX Laser Liposuction uses a 1 millimeter-thick cannula containing an optical fiber (the doctor can watch it under the skin) to selectively target, then thermally heat and rupture fat cells, liquefying the fat. The liquid fat either drains or is suctioned from the entry incision, or is absorbed by the body's lymphatic system and is excreted safely and naturally (there is no measurable increase in fatty levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood; no increased risk of heart attack or stroke).

How is the Skin Tightened? Thermal skin tightening effects are accomplished because as the laser heats and liquefies fat, the surrounding tissues are heated and contract, promoting new collagen growth and tightening the overlying skin in the process, in many cases, eliminating the need for surgery entirely in the treated areas. The collagen growth and tightening results continue for up to six months after the laser body sculpting procedure. Immediately following the procedure, you are able to return to your normal activities right away, usually within about two days (you will need to wear compression garments for a couple of weeks).

How Safe is Smartlipo MPX? As with any medical procedure, there are associated risks, but there have been no serious side effects associated with this procedure--and the recovery times for Laser Lipolysis are much faster than traditional liposuction. Using a laser to liquefy the fat, there is much less blood loss and trauma to the body and tissues. Additionally, SKINTASTIC offers two additional technology upgrades along with SmartLipo MPX that many other centers do not offer--the ThermaView ™ thermal viewer and the SmartSense ™ handpiece. These special features help the surgical team to see the laser tissue heating much more accurately. This prevents the surgeon from overheating or missing an area that otherwise might be undetected to the eye.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed in a Session? Smartlipo MPX is more for sculpting than for removal of large volumes of fat. The actual amount removed will be at the doctor's discretion, and can vary from patient to patient.

How Long Do the Results Last? Unless a person puts on a large amount of weight, the results in the treated areas will probably be permanent. It was a long-held medical belief that the adult body has a finite number of fat cells and that removed cells do not grow back; however, some medical experts are now disputing that idea. What is known is that some fat cells will likely remain in the treated area after liposuction, and those cells (and others in surrounding untreated regions) can still retain fluids and may grow larger to compensate (your body will continue to try to store fat); therefore, maintaining one's body weight after liposuction is still vital to retain optimal results.

How Can I Find out More about This Procedure? Call SKINTASTIC at (972) 620-3223 to schedule a complimentary, no-charge SmartLipo MPX evaluation.

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